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Customs Brokerage

Custom broker is a profession that involves clearing goods through customs for importers and exporters at their local port. Established in 1991, in Pakistan, Prime Linkers is a business venture, highly specialized in Customs clearance and support. We serve a wide range of customers from a variety of industries. Through high-quality customs brokerage services, we help our customers reach their business goals in the most efficient manner. We strive to provide a wide range of services including sea port, air port, dry port custom brokerage, warehousing, packing, and project handling services. Our customer-oriented approach has allowed us to create a well respected name in the industry for customs clearance.

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Custom Clearing Agency

In Pakistan custom brokerage is often interpreted as custom clearing agency or custom clearing agent. We provide custom brokerage services for our clients in Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi to ensure that your consignments are cleared from customs with minimal cost to you. We work closely with custom and shipping companies to have the most efficient and smooth experience for new importers. Our experience, knowledge of custom tariffs helps us to provide you with the most accurate pre import Quote

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Customs Consultancy

Where customs clearance is our core activity, we provide other value-added services to assist and support our customers. One of these is customs consultancy. We offer professional and knowledgeable customs consultancy. When you need a reliable customs broker or need assistance with import & export look no further then Prime Linkers. While using our customs clearance service, you can sit back and relax as we handle all the complex tasks for you. The importers responsibility has never been greater with Pakistani authorities shifting to “self compliance principle” that holds importers accountable to comply with the maze of government regulations. Let us untangle the maze and assist you with all daunting requirements of customs

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Freight Forwarding

With offices in Lahore, Faisalabad and Calgary our logistics specialist offer expertise in all modes of transportation and are able to assist you with ocean, air and ground forwarding services. We are an international freight and logistics forwarding company that has provided unparallel services for over two decades in following freight forwarding services

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Our qualified customs professionals conduct in depth research for your specific requirements. Origin determination, tariff classification, valuation, duty/tax recovery programs, etc. We also offer customs compliance verification to assess your liabilities. This is critical in light of the new Customs mandate related to post audit reviews and monetary penalties.

Prime Linkers custom broker agency is a company, which helps clients in dealing with the import and export of goods. We work with local & international authorities, customs & shipping lines to clear & deliver your goods smoothly to the destination you want. During this process we deals with various multipart requirements, fulfills all the procedures of customs and compact with governmental, exporter and importer authorities. Working with an experienced and well trained custom broker makes your work easy and you can easily focus on your work.

Our customs house agent service provide assistance in customs clearing & forwarding your shipments to Pakistan and to its other cities like Karachi, Faisalabad, Lahore, Islamabad, Sialkot and many other notable cities. Our Customs Brokerage in Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi helps to work out the kinks in the imports & exports of goods.

Built On Service - Secured By Knowledge - Assured With Integrity

Prime Linkers is a reputed custom clearing agency and we are prominent custom broker, Pakistan being our registered location for operating. Offering seamless freight forwarding services for logistics at international level is our prime forte. Quality reigns supreme as the values in our company. At Prime Linkers, we never compromise. Even the smallest issue is of equal importance to us. Be it our overseas, national or local clientele prompt service with assurance of quality makes us one of the preferred custom brokers in Pakistan.

Prime Linkers is a Customs House Agent & customs broker business, we possesses a wide knowledge of tariff schedules. We also look after the Customs regulations and keep ourselves aware of the changes in the shipment laws and administrative regulations. We are known for giving high quality services at a very reasonable price.